Picture by Annegien Schilling

Nonna Hoogland (1999) is an illustrator and artist from Utrecht, the Netherlands. In her work, she tries to process and understand herself, and the world around her. That’s why humanity, and especially women, are always the main subject of her work. She focuses on emotions, relationships, ethics,(art)history and mythology. Her work changes from poetic to cynical, from humorous to intimate, and always remains vulnerable in its honesty. She uses a variety of analog techniques, with a preference for painting and ceramics.

2024             Masters of Today, G10, group exhibition 
2024             Artificiata, EXboot, solo exhibition
2024             Exposure To The City, HKU, group exhibition
2024             ECHTER!, Moving Gallery Utrecht, group 
2024             SEXYLAND World and No Limits! Art Castle, De
                       Grote Keramiek Show, group exhibition
2023           Dutch Design Week, Manifestations, group 
2023             KOELWATERHAL, ENERGY, group exhibition
2023             HKU Exposure, graduation show
2022             Studio/K, solo exhibition
2021             Alleen Op Vakantie, artist in residence
2019-2020   Coffee Company Vismarkt, solo exhibition
2019             La Cassette N°5, group exhibition
2018             CREEPS at Kapitaal, group exhibition
2018             Blackfish, solo exhibition

2021             KesselsKramer, creative intern

2023             HKU Awards
2023             Manifestations Young Talent Award

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